Privacy policy

The processing of privacy information is mainly regulated in Norway in the “Personvernopplysningsloven”, but a number of other laws such as “Ekomloven” (the Electric Information Act), “markedsføringsloven” (the Marketing Act) and “regnskapsloven” (the Accounting Act) also provide guidelines on how information that can be linked to a person should be processed.

Personal adjustments
To ensure that our content is relevant to you, we use cookies that contain data on, for example, language, segment, and digital device.

When you visit our website, various pieces of information about you are recorded in a “Cookie”. A cookie is a small file that is stored locally by you. It is not harmful and cannot contain viruses or programs. What it does is store information from our site, such as when you last visited us or data you entered into a form.

There are cookies that make a website remember which language you prefer, what name you usually fill a form with and where in the world you are. A cookie is stored by your browser on your machine, and you can even delete all stored cookies through your browser’s preferences if you wish.

Settings for using cookies in browsers
By allowing the use of cookies you will be able to have a more relevant user experience of websites you visit. You can still change this by making changes to your browser settings.

Analytical purposes
In order to learn from your and other users’ behavior, we use a system called Google Analytics. With Google Analytics we analyze data so that we can improve the site’s functionality, user experience and content. The information stored through Google Analytics, such as IP address, is stored anonymously on Google Analytics servers. This information ​​is anonymous and contain no information that can be traced back to you, and IP addresses are anonymized.

No personal information is stored with us
We do not store any form of personal information about you through our website. We only have anonymous information about your user behavior that cannot be linked back to you personally or to your device. We do not store personal information such as name, number, email, age, gender, hobbies, what other websites you visit, etc. As mentioned above, for example, names and email addresses may be stored in your browser as a cookie, but this is not information we have access to. Cookies are designed to make your website experience user-friendly and optimized for you as a user.